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Главная » 2012 » Декабрь » 21 » Поездка в Америку
Поездка в Америку
Совсем недавно наша школа посетила Америку! 
Небольшой отчет :

Алам Мила

My trip to California

I went to Califirnia for two weeks. I visited many popular places like Disneyland, and Walk of Fame. The weather was great , about 26 degrees but the ocean was cold. We grilled marshmelo there, like American children. I saw a van with ice cream and bought one. There was the biggest shopcentre on the west coast near our hotel. We saw how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving day. on that day we were in the village and tried the turkey.

I like America.

Кулев Алексей

My trip to America

Two weeks ago I returned from America. At first time we lived in Hollywood. There were a lot of interesting things. We were in Universal Studios, walked around the Walk of Fame. Then we moved to Costa Messa. There we lived in a great hotel. We went to the theater, studied English and did a lot of interesting things. We were very busy all days. I really enjoyed this trip.

Зройчикова Антонина


In USA everyone is smiling, everyone helps you, if you have a problem. Americans live their simple life. Americans care for the enviroment a lot, so cities in America are very clean. There are many parks and places you can visit with your friends or family. It's very important and americans know it.

America is a very sunny country with very sunny people, and I believe that I will come back to this country in future.

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